Cardamom And The Hunger For Life

For Over 3,000 years, the fragrant seed pods of a tropical plant known as Cardamom have been cherished throughout the Eastern World. This exotic spice has been used in perfumery, sacred incense blends, ointments, medicine, and cuisine since before the construction of Solomon’s Temple. Cardamom is a plant native to India. It can be found…

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Rosemary, For Heart And For Mind

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) is an aromatic in the mint family that grows as a small evergreen bush, native to the Mediterranean. Its emotional and physical healing properties have been utilized by many cultures around the world for ages. It was known by the ancients to bring about a stronger sense of self-confidence and to strengthen the…

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Cedar, the Evergreen Tree of Life

    The great Cedar tree will forever be deeply rooted throughout the ancient histories of the world. From its strong, versatile wood to its fragrant and medicinal evergreen foliage, Cedar has supported many different peoples with its countless uses for millennia. There are many species of Cedar which grow in various parts of the…

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