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Natural Perfumery

Unlock the true essence of nature's aroma
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Elevate Your Aromatic Practice by Learning How to
Create Your Own Exquisite Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumery is a beautiful, cherished tradition of aromatic artistry

It offers pure aromatic experiences that enhance well-being and sensory pleasure.

Natural perfumes are crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals found in most perfumes today.

No matter how you engage with aromatics, walking the path of natural perfumery can elevate your craft to a new level of creativity, fulfillment, and sensory delight.

Imagine knowing how to formulate your own custom-tailored perfumes for personal use, make personalized fragrances to gift to friends and family, or even to sell and support yourself financially.

Once Reserved for Royalty and the Elite, Now Accessible to All...

The tradition of natural perfumery is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Never before in history has there been access to such a vast array of inexpensive aromatic materials.

With so many possibilities, this is the most exciting time to become a natural perfumer.

Creating luxury fragrances is now within everyone's reach.


This one-of-a-kind program teaches you the core principles and practices of natural perfumery so you can feel confident creating your own exquisite and captivating aromatic creations.

By learning this ancient art, you'll unlock a profound level of aromatic artistry that can add immense beauty and fulfillment to your life while bring joy and pleasure to your family and friends, or even your new customers. 

This program weaves the wisdom of various perfumery traditions into one comprehensive and practical system. You'll learn how to harness and amplify the true power of natural aromas.

Stop Guessing at How to Create Natural Perfumes

Crafting natural perfumes can be a nuanced and intricate practice...

Many people create perfumes that don’t last very long or don’t smell quite how they want them to, and they get discouraged.

They waste time, ingredients, and money on sub-par formulas that lack luster. 

They don't understand proper ratios or how to achieve harmony among the different classifications of aromatic materials required to formulate a balanced fragrance...

They don't know the age-old secrets to finding precise combinations of aromatics. 

Through learning the traditional practices at the heart of artisan perfumery, you'll find a quicker, simpler, natural way to craft amazing, long-lasting, head-turning perfumes that receive compliments.

Meet Your Teacher: 

JK DeLapp, L. Ac, DAOM

Hey, I’m JK. My journey into natural perfumery began with a deep love for fragrant woods, flowers, and herbs. After graduating from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2012, I was inspired to explore natural perfumery, turning my passion into a thriving, internationally renowned business, the Rising Phoenix Perfumery.

Being immersed in the natural perfumery world for over a decade, I've seen so many beginning perfumers struggle to make fragrances they're happy with and proud of. The biggest issue lies in the gaps of their understanding, and the key practices and systems they have yet to learn. 

I can't wait to share this knowledge and my passion of natural perfumery with you. I designed this course to help you quickly start creating stunning perfumes that you're thrilled you've made, while avoiding the challenges and stresses that I faced figuring perfumery out on my own over years of trial and error. 

This is the only roadmap you need!


  • Make beautiful, long-lasting fragrances for personal use, luxurious gifts, or to sell.

  • Experience the joy and privilege of working with the world's most beautiful aromatic plants.

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle by using natural, non-toxic products.

  • Gain a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-confidence in your handcrafted creations.

  • Enhance your well-being through working with therapeutic aromas that soothe the mind and body.

  • Meet other amazing aromatic friends once you've tapped into the perfumery world.

  • Enhance your creativity and artistic expression through this art.

  • Venture into countless ancient traditions and rich styles of natural perfumery.

  • Undergo personal transformation and gain deeper self-understanding through working with aromatics.

  • Enjoy the therapeutic process of blending and experimenting with scents.

  • Capture your memories, moments in time, or places in your unique formulas.

  • Add depth to your spiritual practice, meditation, or rituals.

  • Impress friends and family with your new skills of aromatic artistry.

  • Work beyond perfumes to develop luxurious, natural beauty and body products with enchanting scents.

  • And much more...



    A cross-cultural exploration of the histories, stories, and many styles of natural perfumery. You'll learn about the main types of perfume, the various extracts used as ingredients, and how to best work with each in your practice.


    Discover various methods for composing new fragrances and how to turn your inspiration into natural perfumes that delight the senses. Unlock essential elements that all perfumers must know to not only succeed, but thrive on this path.


    Get instruction for making classic perfume accords and understand why they're an important backbone in perfumery. Recreate masterpieces from your bundle of sample formulas or experiment with other ingredients to find new wonderful scents and creations.


    Learn age-old classification systems for understanding individual materials and how they interact with each other in perfumes. Discover professional techniques to strengthen your sense of smell and caretake your most important tool: your nose! 


    Discover methods for formulating and blending natural materials that result in perfectly-balanced, head-turning perfumes that last all day. Learn how to fine-tune your fragrances to make them smell just how you want them to.


    Understand the exact steps and expert processes for making your own custom alcohol-based spray perfumes, attars, oil-based perfumes, and solid perfumes. Gain priceless tips, tricks and insights from an award winning master perfumer.

    "The art of perfumery is a rabbit hole

    There are so many places that it can take you. 

    You are standing at the gates of the perfumery playground."

    - JK DeLapp
    Master Perfumer


    6 core modules of in-depth training on mnatural perfumery.
    33 visually stimulating training videos, with close-ups of live action.
    36 PDF handouts and classification charts to make your perfume crafting simple and easy.
    A library of JK's formulas for spray perfumes, attars, solid and oil-based perfumes, and more.
    33 MP3s and video transcript handouts of each lesson for easy listening on the go.
    A sustainable sourcing list and Expert Guide to Sourcing pure, natural, ethical, and sustainable materials.
    Hundreds of expert tips and tricks from a decade + of professional experience making high-end natural perfumes.
    Bonus - Crafting Supreme Attars Mini-Course ($225 Value)
    Bonus - Oil Based Perfumes Masterclass ($197 Value)
    Bonus - Constructing Spray Perfumes and Room Sprays Masterclass ($149 Value)
    Bonus - The Master Perfumer’s Fireside Chats ($197 Value)

    PLUS, work at your own pace and complete the training stress-free in your own time.


    Week 1 - Natural Perfume Beginnings

    • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Natural Perfumery

    • Lesson 2: Perfumer Supplies & Equipment

    • Lesson 3: A Natural Perfume History

    • Lesson 4: The Many Uses of Perfume

    • Lesson 5: The Different Types of Perfume

    • Lesson 6: Conclusion & Getting Started

    Plus, our Sustainable Sourcing Guide, Source List, & Aromatic Materials Species List

    Week 2 - Perfumer Foundations

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Foundational Practices

    • Lesson 2: Extraction Methods & More Tools of The Perfumer

    • Lesson 3: The 17 Fragrant Facets - Part 1: Top Notes

    • Lesson 4: The 17 Fragrant Facets - Part 2: Heart Notes

    • Lesson 5: The 17 Fragrant Facets - Part 3: Base Notes

    • Lesson 6: Sustainability - The Politics & Perils

    Plus, pdf guides to solidify your understanding and deepen the lessons

    Week 3 - Knowing Your Nose & Your Materials

    • Lesson 1: An Introduction to The Sense of Smell

    • Lesson 2: Olfactory Awareness - Smelling Like A Perfumer

    • Lesson 3: Attaining A Mindfulness of Materials

    • Lesson 4: Practices For Opening Your Olfactory Sense

    • Lesson 5: Evaluating The Evaporation Curve Through Dilutions

    • Lesson 6: The Role of Umami In Perfumery

    Plus, step-by-step workbooks for strengthening your sense of smell and your assessment of materials.

    Week 4 - The Art of Composing Perfumes

    • Lesson 1: Choosing Your Perfume Medium

    • Lesson 2: Perfume Math Made Easy: Calculating Perfume Dilutions

    • Lesson 3: Prefixing Alcohol With Aromatic Materials

    • Lesson 4: Compounding Accords & Doppelgängers

    Plus, simple step by step pdf guides for composing, calculating combinations & compounding perfume.

    Week 5 - Compounding Perfume Accords

    • Lesson 1: The Importance of Accords In Perfume

    • Lesson 2: Building A Fougère Fragrance

    • Lesson 3: Building An Amber/Oriental Base Fragrance

    • Lesson 4: Building A Chypre

    • Lesson 5: Perfecting Perfume Replication

    Plus, divine perfume formula handouts & step-by-step instruction.

    Week 6 - Crafting Your Own Perfumes

    • Lesson 1: Inspiration For Composing Fragrances

    • Lesson 2: Getting to Know Fragrance Families

    • Lesson 3: Understanding Fragrance Facet Accords

    • Lesson 4: An Awareness of Synthetic Materials

    • Lesson 5: Evaluating Aromatic Materials

    Plus, loads of JK's personal perfume formulas & step-by-step instruction.


    You're an aromatherapist, herbalist, or essential oil lover ready to explore the world of natural perfumery.
    You're a perfume lover who's ready to ditch the chemical fragrances and make healthier, divine natural perfumes.
    You’re eager to create personalized, natural perfumes for yourself, friends, family, clients, or customers.
    You’re tired of buying expensive designer perfumes and want to make your own fragrances at a fraction of the cost.
    You’d love to enhance your sacred rituals or spiritual practice with your own perfumes and anointing oils.


    If you're totally new to natural perfumery, this program will build the 

    proper foundations that will give you the confidence and competence to craft with them.

    And if you're already making your own fragranced products, great!

    You're about to learn crucial skills and techniques that will help you

    elevate and fine-tune your perfumery practice in a major way.


    This is literally the most detailed yet affordable course on the art of natural perfume making. Nowhere else is so much information and step-by-step crafting instruction offered for such a low investment.

    All of the wisdom, tips and tricks JK has gathered over more than a decade is packaged up for you into one priceless program.

    That's 13+ years of...

     Experience understanding countless aromatic materials first-hand, from out in nature to the crafting table.

    Finding the best methods and what doesn't work through years of trial and error.

    Formulating perfumes that have won international awards.

     Gathering stories and witnessing joy and gratitude through sharing my perfumes with tens of thousands of customers around the world.

    I've put my heart and soul into this course, and I guarantee 

    you won't find anything else out there like it.

    Ready to Start Making Perfume?
    It’s Time to Take the Next Step...

    Want to work with resins, but haven’t been sure where to start?

    Like many, you can search online or in books and try to put bits and pieces

    together over the years, but never feel like you’ve got the whole picture.


    Perhaps you’ve already started blending perfumes 

    but have faced the frustrations that so many others experience...

    ...You’ve spent time and money trying to figure out the right ingredients 

    and formulations to get the scents you want, but know that there’s pieces missing.


    Or maybe you’re more advanced but want to branch out into new aromatic practices

    You sense that expanding your perfumery skills could add so much to your craft 

    but don’t know the depth of its resources or where to begin.


    The answer to all of the above lies before you, and I encourage you to 

    take the next step on your fragrant path and join The Natural Perfumery Course.

    Enroll below and begin your beautiful perfumery journey!


    3 Monthly Payments of


    1 Payment of


    You Have My Personal Guarantee!

    Enroll in the program today and you'll have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you. If it's not, simply send the team an email and you'll receive a complete refund.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When does the program start?

    As soon as you enroll you’ll have instant access to the first module. From there, every 7 days a new module will be released to you for a total of 6 modules. Though you can start the course whenever you are able and can work at your own pace.

    How long do I have to complete the course?

    This is a 6 week course. However, there are no time constraints so you can start, complete, and revisit content in your own time.

    How can I use this skill to support myself financially?

    There are many ways to support yourself with the art of perfumery:

    • Sell your perfumes at your own shop or website, at events, fairs, or farmer’s markets, or sell wholesale to other stores.
    • Branch out with your new fragrance compounding skills to make countless other fragranced cosmetics, beauty and body products.
    • Create custom formulas for other companies.
    • Host in-person workshops to share the gift of crafting perfumes.

    Will I be able to communicate with you and other students?

    You’ll have excellent student support, and can also ask questions to JK in the student community Facebook group. You’ll also be able to ask questions and converse inside the course itself within each module with JK and other students. 

    What materials do I need for the course, and how much will it all cost?

    This course teaches you how to craft many different types and styles of perfume. The world is your oyster with countless possibilities and this is an investment that will pay off 100 fold once you start making amazing creations. There are hundreds of aromatics to choose from, all at very different price levels. So the investment you put in to your practice is dependent on what types of ingredients you choose to work with. 

    We suggest starting out that you at least have 5-15 different essential oils or absolutes of various aromatic plants. Over time you will likely be compelled to gather more once you realize how much fun and fulfilling this art really is. And of course, the more materials you have, the more creative freedom you'll have for playing around and experimenting. Think of each material like adding a new paint color to your pallet, allowing you to create more diverse pieces of art. We advise having at least 15 ml - 1 oz of each material. As you begin the course you will find sourcing information for aromatic materials in the downloads section. 

    For all other materials and ingredients, you will discover what you need throughout the course. At bare minimum, is possible to spend as little as $100 for materials and tools you will use during the course. Some students who already have essential oils and absolutes and other possible materials needed could get away with zero start up costs. Though most students will spend between $100 and $300 on average to get started. Again, it depends on where you want to take your practice and what materials you see yourself working with. For those with expensive tastes for top shelf ingredients like Oud, Sandalwood and Jasmine oils, you could spend $300 - $500 gathering materials that will allow you to make many batches of exquisitely divine perfumes. 

    Will I get a certificate for completing the course?

    Yes. Upon course completion of all modules and lessons you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

    Do you have a guarantee?

    Yes! You have 30 days to decide if the program is really right for you. If it’s not a good fit for you at this time, let us know and you’ll get a full refund.

    Have A Question Or Concern?

    We're more than happy to help you.

    Send your questions to [email protected]