Discover the Foundations of Incense and the Traditions Behind Modern Aromatherapy


For thousands of years people have been burning incense and experiencing aromatics first-hand in order to understand their healing powers and effects more deeply.

By tuning into the subtle qualities and actions of plants using ancient practices, they were able to uncover the many virtues of aromatics for healing, balance, and longevity for themselves and the people they served.

So, why do so many people look outside of their own personal relationships with the aromatic plants they work with to become more knowledgeable, instead of nourishing their connections to the plants themselves?

Learning about the healing properties of aromatic plants from books or other people is great.

..but you must experience incense and aromatic plants for yourself on deeper levels to truly understand how and why they've been such an effective holistic healing modality and tool for personal transformation for ages.

Once you learn the ancient skill of 'listening to incense and aroma,' you’ll unlock, discover, and nourish your spiritual connection and uncover the wisdom of Full-Spectrum healing with incense and aromatic plants.

Imagine knowing how to integrate the ancient traditions of incense and aroma into the modern world in a way that facilitates transformational healing and spiritual wellbeing for yourself, family, or community.

Incense Smoke is a Golden Thread...

...that weaves all spiritual practices of the Earth together as it is present in nearly every ritual and ceremony. It acts as a gateway for your spiritual transformation and personal evolution when you open yourself more fully to the healing power and teachings of incense.

The experience of incense and aroma in traditional sacred ways is a Profound Key for unlocking the fragrant world of wonder and wisdom, and contributes immensely to your current practice with aromatics, whether you're a beginner or advanced. It provides an ancient lens of perception that brings rootedness and strength to the practical and spiritual foundations of your work.

The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine Presents

The Listening to Incense Home Study Course


Whether you're a healer, incense crafter, perfumer, or just love incense and aromatics, learn how to reach greater levels of healing, balance, and spiritual development through the ancient traditions of aromatic plant use and the many sacred teachings of the Way of Incense.

Become a clearer channel for the plants to heal and teach through and strengthen your relationships to the plant kingdom and Spirit through rich personal experience and wisdom received from "Listening to Incense."

The Listening to Incense Program will give you the foundation and principles necessary to help you deeply understand why and how the ancient practices of incense and aromatics (the Roots of Aromatherapy) have been such credible, efficient, and well-respected healing modalities for thousands of years.

This program beautifully connects the wisdom of the rich, fragrant past with the growing knowledge of the present for a New Era of Aromatic Medicine.

"Evan has a true gift at bringing together the extraordinary world of incense with aromatic healing and transformation. This program offers both practical information for anyone wanting to immerse into the world of incense, along with a deep spiritual awareness and invitation to honor your life and connect with the divine world of plants. The program is professional and personal, in-depth and accessible. Evan is a magnificent teacher and his sincerity and beauty shines throughout. I highly recommend it!"

-Andrea Butje
-Andrea Butje Founder, Aromahead Institute

Learn the Ancient Ways of "Listening to Incense"

Take a guided journey through the many levels of aroma while learning to tune in more deeply to the subtle qualities of aromatic plants. Discover how to become more receptive to the emotional, sensual, energetic, and spiritual healing virtues of aroma.

Tap into the countless healing qualities of aromatic plants by learning from the plants themselves on experiential levels, as well as through discussions on historical, spiritual, and medicinal uses, and rare esoteric wisdom of aromatic incense herbs.

Discover the ancient Japanese way of "Listening to Incense" that has contributed so much to the many branches of aromatics, and learn ancient practices that will refine your sensory perception and olfactory palette.

Throughout the Program You Will Learn

  • Powerful Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with Incense & Plants

    Learn techniques for connecting more fully with incense and plants. Experience the unique qualities and virtues of various incense herbs first-hand. Learn about aromatic plants from an Ayurvedic perspective. Receive individual in-depth plant profiles for 20 popular incense herbs.

  • How to Create Sacred Space, an Incense Altar, & the Importance of Personal Sacred Ritual

    By following in the footsteps of countless ancient traditions, you will learn how to create a personal sanctuary and space for burning incense and nurturing your spirit.

  • The Ancient Japanese Art of 'Listening to Incense'

    Discover the fragrant histories of Japan and experience the higher levels of sensual exploration through this delicate and venerable incense ceremony and the art of the incense masters of old.

  • Essential Elements Every Incense Connoisseur, Aromatherapist, & Herbalist Should Know

    Refine your sensitivity and learn to attune to the subtle emotions, energies, feelings, aromas, and botanical qualities associated with incense. Learn to listen more intently with your heart by being ‘out of your mind.’

  • Traditional Incense Crafting Methods

    Learn the sacred art of incense crafting and traditional techniques for making your own incense at home. Incorporate prayer and intention into your creations and understand the practice of Heart-based crafting. Discover valuable systems of formulation based off of ancient systems.

  • Subtle Techniques for Strengthening Your Intuition and Heart Perception

    Learn to listen to your intuition with greater clarity and become more receptive to the subtle sensations of the energetic heart field associated with aromatic plant use. Receive guidance on enhancing connection to plants and incense through these faculties.

Embark on a profound fragrant journey that will bring about personal transformation and healing through the intimate experience of working with incense and aromatic plants at home. Take the wisdom and teachings you gain from this guided experience and use them for the healing and benefit of your family or those you serve.

Discover the Deeper Side of Aroma..

..through this in-depth, 12 module home-study program. Strengthen your personal bridge to the plant kingdom and Spirit through personal connection and ritual, refined sensory observation, and  deep contemplation, meditation, and exploration within clouds of fragrant incense smoke in the comfort of your own home.

As your course materials, you will experience many of Higher Mind Incense's aromatherapeutic incense cone blends, sacred tree resins, and other traditional incense blends, and learn their emotional, energetic, spiritual, and traditional healing uses.

What You Learn:

  • Refined sensory observation and enhanced olfactory sensitivity
  • Creating and tending Sacred Space & your incense altar
  • Learning the Sacred Language of plants
  • Ayurvedic understanding of aroma and incense
  • Traditional incense crafting methods
  • Experience with the Japanese Koh-do incense ceremony and Listening to Incense
  • Strengthening the intuition, Heart Field, and prayer with plants
  • Practical, medicinal, spiritual, and esoteric wisdom of incense plants

What You Get:

  • Weekly audio sessions, PDFs, and plant monographs to accompany all 12 modules
  • 12 different natural incenses from Higher Mind Incense [course materials]
  • Emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aromatherapeutic healing knowledge of each plant
  • One of a kind aromatic plant classification and correspondence charts
  • Incense burning kit: Abalone shell incense burner and natural incense charcoal
  • Lifetime Access to program content and downloads + Free Upgrades to the program

Your Course Materials

The lens of perception you’ll gain through Listening to Incense will not only give you a more full spectrum perspective on healing with aroma, but will also help you make profound connections between the natural world, the plant kingdom, modern aromatherapy, and ancient healing wisdom.

Experiencing the Roots of Aromatherapy and the powerful traditions behind incense and holy smoke will increase your competence and confidence in sharing the wisdom and ritualistic understanding gained through this program with your loved ones, friends, community, or patients.

Whether you're looking for powerful ways to enhance your aromatherapy, incense, or healing practice; or to further your personal development, transformation, spiritual enrichment, and healing; or all of the above, this is definitely the program for you.

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6 monthly payments of $65!

  • You get 12 Modules of guidance and teachings for deeply understanding and connecting to aromatic plants and the spiritual, healing, and medicinal natures of incense and aroma
  • Weekly audio lessons, PDF Handouts, and plant profiles for each Higher Mind Incense formula and each individual herb used
  • An in-depth Introduction to Incense, Aroma, and the Koh-do PDF & Audio lesson
  • Plus Lifetime Access to All digital content + updates/additions
  • 12 Higher Mind Incense products! + Accessories
  • The incense products you receive through this program alone value over $100!
  • Work at your own pace. There's no course expiration or deadline for completion

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Words of Praise

-Megan Walsch -Megan Walsch, Chicago, IL

"The Listening to Incense Course has been an incredible journey! I had always loved working with incense, but never really knew the depth that I could go with my practice. The information gained from this experience is truly life changing and has given me a whole new lens of perception and way of connecting with my Incense. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and all the heart-felt work that was put into creating this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their prayer with Incense to a whole new level! "

- LeAnn Rimes - LeAnn Rimes

"I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but what I do know is this course came at the perfect time on my spiritual, healing journey. I am currently deepening my connection with my heart and that is exactly where Evan’s passionate, soothing voice and teachings have invited me to experience a deeper sensory level. This course touches your heart and leads you on a journey of deepening your intuition while greatly informing you of the ancient teachings of Ko-doh, which translates to “the way of incense.” Whether you are a perfumer, wanting to expand your knowledge of the healing properties of plants, deepen your connection to your heart and intuition, or want to add more tools to your self healing toolbox, THIS COURSE IS A MUST for an incredibly expansive journey. I greatly appreciate the integrity, excellence and accessibility of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine and Higher Mind Incense."

-Jen Davis -Jen Davis, Seattle, WA

"Evan's Listening to Incense course was so much more than I could have expected. First of all, thank you for making it affordable. Who knew there could be so much information about incense. Not only was the course enlightening, excitingly well written, and relevant; it allowed me to create personal conclusions and allowed for a free-thinking and meditative space that I couldn't do with just meditation alone. His incense is delightfully fragrant and pleasing which made doing the "homework" enticing and fun."

-Dodie Needham -Dodie Needham, Chehalis, WA

"I knew that burning incense was a sacred time-honored tradition, but not until I took Evan's Listening to Incense home study course did I begin to feel connected at a deeper level.  This class gave me a deeper meaning, connection, and understanding of the sacredness of incense.  It taught me how to connect with the plant's energies on a more meaningful level.  I am so grateful the universe brought Evan and his Listening to Incense class into my awareness.  His deep love and passion for the sacredness of incense shows in his knowledge and teachings.  I highly recommend this course if you are yearning for a deeper connection with aromatic plants and the sacredness of incense."

-Sabrina Grotefend

"If you are considering taking this course I highly recommend Evan's teachings.  Through his own personal love and regular practice with incense he is able to share a deep history combined with a heart opening exploration into spirit of self, and spirit of plants with you. Any level of students would benefit greatly from this course!"

-Synde Rogers

"This course is well paced and helps you to really understand what it is to meditate and use incense in your practice. It also helps you appreciate what comes from the Earth. The supplies you receive with the course which help you along your journey are very generous, and enable you to get a sense of what really works best for you. I highly recommend this course!"


Take Your Practice with Incense & Aromatics to a Whole New Level Today

There are no other schools that teach about incense and aromatics in these ways. This completely unique, in depth program is comprehensive and full of rare knowledge and wisdom that simply can't be found compiled in any other place.

If you're ready to answer the calling and take your connection to incense and aroma to the next level, find greater depth and meaning in your beginning or advanced herbal or aromatherapeutic practice, and be open to personal transformation through the profound healing wisdom of aromatic plants, then look no further!

- Listening To Incense Home Study Program -

*International Students must cover all shipping charges via a paypal invoice at time of ship* Email [email protected] to request Internation Shipping.

"I would be honored to have you with me on this journey

I've spent years studying, experiencing, and teaching the ancient foundations and essential elements of the Art of Incense and Aromatherapy. My mission is to give you the proper tools needed to help you truly understand incense, the sense of smell, the healing world of fragrance, and aromatic plants on certain levels that many who practice in this field are not aware of; levels that the ancient masters of aroma understood deeply, practiced daily, and lived by. Through this program you will learn some of the most important tools that will open up the world of the plant kingdom to you like never before."

Evan Sylliaasen, Founder, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine & Higher Mind Incense

If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to ask: [email protected]