Learn the ancient traditions behind 
medicinal incense, ritual plant smoke, and divine aroma.

Incense is a multi-faceted practice that can enhance any spiritual ritual, add a level of holistic depth and effectiveness to any healing practice, or simply be enjoyed for its aromas.

This rare book gives you a foundational understanding of incense in its countless uses, and offers a grouping of extensive monographs of aromatic plants used as incense, offered nowhere else.

Discover how you, your loved ones, or patients can benefit from the world's oldest form of aromatics, whether through healing, ritual, or pleasure.

Incense is a powerful and respected healing modality in many ancient systems of traditional medicine.

But how many materia medicas, or herbal and aromatherapy books have you read have covered the countless therapeutic uses of aromatic plants in the form of incense?

For years I scoured countless herbal and essential oil references looking for practical documentation of using incense herbs and resins for healing...

...but would only stumble across brief mentions.

That's because most of this ancient knowledge is often guarded, passed down experientially through generations,
and rarely written in English.

Which is why after a decade of researching, experiencing, and studying many incense cultures and healing
smoke traditions around the world...

I now present to you...

Materia Aromatica

An In-Depth Guide to the Traditional, Ritual, Aesthetic, and Medicinal Uses of Incense Plants

By Evan Sylliaasen
Founder of Higher Mind Incense &
The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine

Click below to get the only digital Materia Aromatica that teaches 

the traditional uses of incense for healing and the spirit. 

Learn many therapeutic and ritual uses of renowned incense plants like Agarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Balm of Gilead, Dragon's Blood, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Copal, and much more.

Discover precious tips on wild-harvesting your own local aromatic plants growing near you, and receive a guide on sourcing natural, sustainable, and organic aromatic plants and incense herbs.

Gain insights for incorporating incense and aromatic plants into your own personal or spiritual practice, personal healing journey, or a professional healing practice seeing patients.

Materia Aromatica is the most in-depth and professional guide to the many
incense plants of the world.

This is 100 Pages of Priceless Information and Traditional Wisdom!

Here's What People Are Saying:

“This ebook is just brilliant! The amount of time, energy and love that has so obviously been put into its creation is very apparent. It’s very evident Evan truly loves this subject.”
-Pamela Bourque

“This book is beautifully written. I love the fact that Evan shares so much so that we can carry on a valuable tradition and important part of medicine. What a gift we all hold in our hands.”
-Vera Gardner

“I have to say wow! This is a fantastic resource that I will keep coming back to! This is great information covering uses in different cultures and medical systems.”
-Robbie Smallman

“This is a beautiful book! I've read the first few plant profiles and already learned many new facts about beloved friends.”
- Deborah Accuardi

"What a beautiful book! Thank you for all the great energy and knowledge you pour into all you do."
- Sharon Broderick

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