Our Vision

Whether you are a community healer, family healer, or self-healer, the field of Aromatic Medicine is a universal modality that encompasses physiological, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Incense and aromatics have been used for millennia on every continent to heal the sick, balance emotional states, bring clarity to the mind, and strengthen connection to spirit. Those lucky enough to find themselves on the fragrant path are chosen representatives of the plant kingdom who are called to share the many gifts of beauty, healing, and true power of aromatics with the world.

The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine is a unique conduit through which the sacred teachings of aromatic plants come to life. Through ancient fragrant traditions, ritualistic perspectives, and medicinal aromatic plant wisdom from around the world, aromatherapists, incense crafters, and herbalists will learn to strengthen their foundational understanding and personal connection to aromatics and the plants themselves.

Ancient aromatherapy has been utilized for thousands of years. It encompasses the use of all forms of Aromatic Medicine application. We believe that a holistic, full-spectrum approach of utilizing whole plants, plant parts, and botanical extracts in a synergistic way, while addressing mind, body, and spirit helps to create a more proficient aromatherapy or herbal practice.

At The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, we believe in a non-linear, experiential, heart-based approach to teaching; a balance of knowledge and wisdom; where wisdom comes to life within student's hearts through guided explorations and encounters with plants and incense, rather than knowledge and information being their only focus of study. In our programs we combine the rich systems and modalities of incense crafting, traditional aromatics, Ayurveda, the Four Elements, Native American philosophy, various ritualistic perspectives, plant communication and meditation, and much more.

Our mission is to help keep the rich aromatic traditions of the world intact, and to revive many profound fragrant practices left behind in the wake of Western medicine and modern Aromatherapy. We place a strong emphasis on the heart, intuition, and spirit in our teachings as we believe them to play an essential role in all medicine making and herbal crafting.

Many ancient fragrant traditions have slowly faded over the past century. Many of the traditional uses of incense as medicine in many healing practices around the world have also become endangered wisdom. However, the desire to learn the more sacred aspects of Aromatic Medicine traditions and the sense of smell is rapidly growing. The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine is helping to revive these traditions so they will once again flourish, restoring the once revered modality of medicine incense to its original esteem, and bringing more depth, understanding, and rootedness into the realm of modern Aromatic Medicine.