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The Traditional Art of Incense Crafting

Expand your Healing, Spiritual, or Aromatic Practice by Learning to Make Your Own Incense

Did you know that incense crafting is the way aromatic plants were originally used?

• Incense is the traditional roots of aromatherapy...

• is the most ancient universal tool for sacred rituals...

• And has been used to delight the sense of smell across every culture for ages.

No matter its use, incense has real, positive effects on people through healing the psyche and body, balancing emotions, pleasing the senses, and uplifting the spirit.

It's a universal modality for positive change...

And you can learn the ancient practice of incense crafting so you can bring positivity, healing, and enjoyment to others!

Wouldn't you love to be able to help your friends, family, or clients by making them personalized incense blends for aesthetic, medicinal, or spiritual purposes?

Stop Guessing at How to Craft Your Incense

Incense crafting can be a tricky practice...

Many people make incense that doesn’t burn properly or smell quite how they want it to,

and they get discouraged. 

They waste time, ingredients, and money composting failed batches of incense...

They don't understand the proper ratios of bases, binders, liquids, and dry ingredients required to formulate a blend...

They don't know the age-old secrets to working with difficult ingredients and calculated combinations...

Through learning the traditional practices that lie at the heart of artisan incense making, you'll find a quicker, simpler, more comprehensive way to craft successful incense.

~ The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine Presents ~


This one-of-a-kind program teaches you the core principles and practices of crafting incense so you can feel confident making beautiful smelling and effective creations.

By learning one of the oldest herbal practices, you'll unlock a new modality for holistic healing that can greatly benefit the minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits of those you love and serve.

This program weaves the wisdom of the world's various incense traditions together into one comprehensive and practical system. You'll learn how to harness and amplify the true power of incense.

Hi, I’m Evan Sylliaasen. Back when I was a teenager incense became my gateway to a sense of sacredness. As I journeyed deeper into the world of incense I discovered that it’s used for more than just ritual, relaxation, and enjoyment—it's also used as a powerful healing modality all around the world in many systems of medicine.

Through my work with my company Higher Mind Incense and my school, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, I’ve seen beginning incense makers encounter the same problems over and over. There are basics to the practice that you have to get just right before you can progress to more advanced incense making.

And that’s why I created the Traditional Incense Crafting Course. Each time I open enrollment, people tell me they love how quickly they can start making their own incense. And advanced students say they wish they’d had this course when they were first starting out.


The Story of Incense

Through an exploration of various cultural uses of ritual and medicinal plant smoke, you'll gain insight into the ancient applications of incense to help strengthen your aromatic foundations and understanding.

Plant Material Classification

Learn the qualities and roles of various types of botanical ingredients used in incense crafting. Understand how to properly use gums and resins, binders and bases, fragrant hardwoods, and oil-dense botanicals. 

Core Incense Formulation Techniques

Learn multiple techniques for formulating incense for specific intentions and purposes, from aesthetics and fragrance, to therapeutic and medicinal formulation, to ritual blending.

Craft Your Own Incense Sticks & Cones

Get step-by-step instructions for making the world's favorite forms of incense. Create fully burning, solid incense sticks and cones that smell amazing and reliably burn on their own.

Make Amazing Loose Incense Blends

Learn how to work with raw aromatic materials in formulating and crafting your own loose incense, the original form of incense. Incorporate tree resins like Frankincense and Copal, and become skilled at mixing various ingredients into powerful and pleasing aromatic creations.

Incorporate Essential Oils into Incense

Learn how to properly use essential oils to enhance your incense blends for added aroma and medicine. Adding essential oils to incense mixtures can be a tricky process and is usually reserved for advanced crafters. But you'll get the expert guidance that makes it a simple process.

"This program isn't just about incense, but about working with the life force of plants themselves - the key to holistic plant medicine. I've been given a refreshing perspective on the use of incense as a traditional medicine. My eyes have opened to yet another avenue of herbalism. Whether you're an herbalist like me, an aromatherapist, or simply a lover of incense, you'll be as blown away and inspired as I am from this program."

- Mamie Wartelle
Founder of Chiron's Apothecary


  • Fight off infections, colds, and flus during the cold season while strengthening your immunity
  • Cleanse the atmosphere and kill various airborne pathogens and viruses
  • Add depth to your spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, or ceremony.
  • Aid healing with specially crafted aromatherapeutic blends
  • Strengthen cognitive functioning and memory
  • Sooth the nervous system and relieve anxiety and stress
  • Formulate amazing smelling incense for aesthetics and sensory pleasure
  • Impress your guests with beautiful aromas that make them feel welcome in your home
  • Share your incense creations with others through your business or as gifts to friends and family
  • And much, much more...

This Program Is For You If:

  • You're an aromatherapist or essential oil lover who's only using essential oils, and are ready to add a new layer of holistic depth to your work.
  • You'd love to enhance your sacred rituals or spiritual practice with incense blends you design and make yourself.
  • You're an incense enthusiast tired of all the unnatural and overpowering incenses on the market and want to make your own natural incense.


If you're totally new to working with aromatics and incense this program will build the proper foundations that will give you the confidence and competence to become an Artisan Incense Crafter.  

And if you're a practicing aromatherapist or healer... great!

You're about to learn a powerful aromatic modality that will broaden your holistic healing potential.

Here's What You Get:

6 core modules of in-depth incense crafting training

- 12 visually stimulating training videos, with close-ups of live action

12 MP3s and transcript handouts of the lessons for easy listening on the go 

A library of recipes for making incense cones, sticks, and loose blends

PDF worksheets and one-of-a-kind incense and aroma classification charts to make it easy to find your next ingredient

My personal sourcing list and Expert Guide to Sourcing pure, natural, ethical, and sustainable plant products

Hundreds of expert tips and tricks from my decade of professional experience as the founder of America's most popular incense company (these tips and tricks are found nowhere else!)

+ Work at your own pace and complete the training stress-free in your own time

PLUS lifetime access to the program and future upgrades


Nowhere else is so much information and hands-on instruction offered about incense crafting.

In fact, this is the only in-depth online video training on incense.

All the wisdom I've gathered along my path is packaged up for you right here in one priceless program.

That's 10+ years of 

• studying incense traditions

• finding the best methods and what doesn't work

• formulating products for one of the top incense companies

• working alongside other world-class incense crafters

I've put my heart and soul into this course, and I know you won't find anything else out there like it.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Perhaps you want to start making incense, but aren’t sure where to start. Like many, you can search online or in books and try to put bits and pieces together over the years but never feel like you’ve got the whole picture.

Perhaps you’ve already started making incense but have felt the frustrations that so many others face. You’ve spent time and money trying to figure out the right ingredients and formulations to get the incense you want, but know that there’s pieces missing. 

Or maybe you’re more advanced but want to learn new incense making practices. You have a sense that expanding your incense skills could add so much to your practice but don’t know the depth of its resources or where to start.

I encourage you to take the next step on your journey and join The Traditional Incense Crafting Course. I’ve heard from so many students who have benefited greatly from what they’ve learned and started implementing into their practice. I know it can do the same for you.

Click below to get started.

Take your practice with aromatics to the next level and enroll in
The Traditional Incense Crafting Course

6 Monthly Payments of



3 Monthly Payments of


1 Payment of


You Have My Personal Guarantee!

Enroll in the program today and you'll have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you. If it's not, simply send me an email and you'll receive a complete refund.

Become a Certified Artisan Incense Crafter

Upon completion of this course and with your acceptance of the Artisan Incense Crafter Code of Ethics, you'll become a certified incense crafter by The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine.

And... if you're a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, submit this certificate of completion for 13 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs are potentially applicable to other associations).


“This course has changed my perception of aromatic plants forever. I feel my practice with aroma now has a deep rooted foundation that’s initiated a strong cohesion of everything I’ve learned about plants, aroma, and healing; and has given me a totally fresh perspective and a burst of inspiration to move forward with in my work with aromatics and incense.”

Shae AmherstBoulder CO

"This was an absolutely enjoyable course from start to finish! This program takes you through the rich history of incense crafting to modern day custom formulations. The video presentations are engaging and professional. Evan’s passion for creating artfully handcrafted, traditional incense is contagious! This is the original aromatic medicine at its finest!"

Anna DoxieFounder & Director of The Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy

"Since taking this course last year, I’ve added herbal incense sticks and cones to my company’s offerings, and I’m already selling wholesale to stores in addition to offering online. I’ve been working with professional practitioners who use my incense prior, during and after consultations with their patients and clients. I also offer my blends as a ‘prescription’ to my own clients who come to see me for Reiki sessions. I absolutely love the integrity and respect given towards the plant realm in this course. The teachings were thorough, precise and deeply respectful."

Carmen NemetLulani Moon Therapies, Australia

"Evan’s easy going nature, enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of incense leaves you excitedly waiting each week for the next lesson. This course is easy to understand, well structured and has loads of downloadable notes and videos. If you're looking for an incense making course then look no further, because this is the only incense program there is!"

Katherine MossHorticulturist, Australia

"I’m already starting to get feedback and orders for my incense which is super exciting! And I’ve been making blends that actually smell nice and stay alight. So I’ve shared with friends who are now buying it from me and responding amazingly. I have been told many times, ‘this is the most amazing incense i have experienced!’”

Ky AlectoSeedstar Co

“As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I’ve only read in ancient and modern texts about the use of incense for healing, known as Dhumapana. Through this program, I now I have the guidance to make any kind of incense I wish to prescribe to my patients. I found the lesson on therapeutic formulation to be immensely useful! I’m excited to offer an even more holistic herbal regimen to my patients with incense as the main application of aromatic medicine.”

Amita AgrawalAyurvedic practitioner, California

“I’ve been into burning incense as my own personal ritual for years now, and have helped many people find balance in their minds and hearts through my sharing of it. But not until after learning Evan’s teachings did I truly realize what a powerful tool I’ve had at my fingertips all along. My family and friends have all been positively affected by my incense creations. Thank you Evan, for showing me the traditions that have supported my inner and outer work for so long.”

Carrie DarlingVermont

"I am particularly interested in the medicinal applications of incense, and the glimpses Evan has provided are filling in spaces in my herbalism studies. I look forward to creating now with an intentional purpose!"

Daphne SeruntineNova Scotia, Canada

"I never realized incense has been used cross-culturally for healing and medicine for so long. I feel so lucky to have found these teachings and am now making incense at home to keep my family and I healthy and happy. Not to mention, making incense is so much fun!"

Jennifer ColtsHerbalist, Arizona

"What Evan has put together in his course is a beautiful exploration of aromatic plant medicine. Cultural exploration of aroma and plant smoke is an exploration of the very breath that gives Earth— and each one of us on it— the power to heal. Evan has given us access to the power of healing behind every breath we breathe.”

JK DeLappThe Rising Phoenix Perfumery

"This course has fed my soul. I’ve worked with herbs as a community kitchen wise woman crafting teas, tinctures, and oxymels for friends and family. I have added essential oils to my practice and have now continued to follow the scents into their energetic sphere. This course has so much practical knowledge with the right amount of do it yourself for me to continue on my journey. I highly recommend this course!"

Andrea McCluskey, Maryland

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel blessed by Evan's knowledge and passion. The modules are methodical and respect the individual pace of the student, which allowed me to really let the teachings set in. I also loved all of the close-ups when a technique was explained or incense ingredients were introduced. As in Evan's other courses, the handouts that accompany the modules are attractive and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this incense crafting course; your first step in becoming a master incense maker."

John BergWisconsin 


Choose Your Payment Option:

6 Monthly Payments of



3 Monthly Payments of


1 Payment of


Frequently Asked Questions:

As soon as you enroll you’ll have instant access to modules 1 and 2. From there, every 7 days a new module will be released to you for a total of 6 modules. Though you can start the course whenever you are able and can work at your own pace.

This is a 6 week course. However, there are no time constraints. You have lifetime access to the course so you can revisit content for years.

Yes! You’ll learn how to make different styles of loose incense, as well as incense cones and different types of incense sticks, such as joss sticks and agarbatti.

There are many ways to support yourself with the art of incense:

  • Sell your creations at your own shop or website, at events, fairs, or farmer’s markets, or sell wholesale to other stores.
  • Prescribe incense as medicine to your patients, or supply other health professionals with your therapeutic products.
  • Create custom formulas for other companies.
  • Host in-person workshops to share the gift of incense crafting with others.

You’ll have lifetime student support, and can also reach out to Evan personally if needed. You’ll be able to ask questions and converse inside the course within each module with Evan and other students. Plus you’ll be a lifetime member of the incense crafting student Facebook group.

Some incense ingredients and crafting tools are needed. Many of which you may have already. Like mixing bowls, measuring spoons, etc. You’ll work with the ingredients of your choosing, so the cost varies for everyone. You can use wild-harvested aromatic plants or ones you grow yourself, or even buy top-shelf exotic aromatics. You may already have some ingredients as many kitchen spices are used in incense. Most spend as low as $10-30 on initial supplies. You’ll get a materials list and a sourcing guide as soon as you enroll.

Yes! The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine is an approved continuing education provider by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. You will receive 13 credits after submitting your certificate of completion to NAHA. CEUs may also be awarded through other associations, which you will need to inquire about through them.

Yes. Upon course completion of all modules and lessons you will be awarded a certificate of completion, awarding you the title of Artisan Incense Crafter by The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine (not yet recognized by any outside organization).

Yes! You have 30 days to decide if the program is really right for you. If it’s not a good fit for you at this time, let us know and you’ll get a full refund.

This is a common modern misconception. Over 85% of manufactured incense today is made with chemical fragrances. Many experience allergic reactions, respiratory complaints, or headaches from using unnatural products. Most people don’t differential chemical incense from natural artisan incense, so incense as a whole often gets a bad rap in the mainstream. The truth is, incense is used as a medicine in many cultures and renowned medical practices around the world. Herbal incense treats countless respiratory issues from asthma to various infections, as well as mild to severe psychological disorders, treats many other bodily systems and functions, and heals on the soul level. It is the original aromatic medicine.

Incense crafting can be a 100% sustainable practice. Firstly, incense uses 1-5% of the amount of plant material as essential oils do for the same level of enjoyment and often the same level of therapeutic value. There are many sustainable farms and sources to discover with my Sustainable Sourcing Roadmap. Which you’ll receive in the course.


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