Welcome to The Hand-Crafted Incense Workshop Series

Workshop 1: The Core Foundations of Incense

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Lesson 1: 
Core Foundations of Incense

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Lesson 2:
The building Blocks of Incense

Lesson 3:
Making Your Own Incense Cones

The traditional incense crafting course

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    28 replies to "The Core Foundations of Incense"

    • Leah KronaBodine

      I love this stuff

    • Pascale

      Very very nice! I bought 1000 sticks for a class in my wellness studio.
      Due to cvd I never did the class. This teaches me a little. Thank you!

    • Cheryl L Harris

      Thank you very much for this . You have given us information we didn’t and Need to know. I am very interested in what is coming .

    • Carolyn

      Loving this, many blessings!!

    • c

      Loved your presentation on 1st lesson. Lately have been using NagChampa for clearing the energies in my space along with the Reiki symbols. Am excited in learning more being totally into all aspects and uses of incense!

    • Jane

      😊 Thank You!

    • Dianne Power

      I love incense but would love to know how to make my own. It’s interesting information. Thank you.

    • Sharon De Rose

      What a great start to this series. As a clinical aromatherapist I have often thought of trying to make incense so this is really interesting and so well presented. Thank you.

    • Desirae

      I’m so glad this class found me. ❤️ I love learning new crafts and skill!

    • Barrie Barrett

      🙂 love the Rooster midway through lol. This is great I am looking forward to the rest of the series

    • Dirk

      Great class looking forward to the rest.

    • Tovit

      Thanks Evan! I thoroughly enjoyed learning the 3 rituals of incence. I think it will help me with my intentions when crafting a batch of beautiful incence. Looking forward to the next lesson. thank you!

    • Lou Bates

      Thank you for offering education during these times. Looking forward to participating in something healthy therapeutics.

    • Donna Conrad

      Thank you so much for making this course available!

    • Nathalie Lemieux

      Liked this first class. When are the others will be ready please ?

    • Krystle

      Put together very well. I’ve been making loose incense for a long time. I’m curious about cones. I’m looking forward to the next video.

    • B

      Thanks very interesting looking forward to the rest of the workshop

    • B


    • Bethany

      Thank you for this wonderful information! I use incense in my art space as it helps to clear my mind and connect to my inner creativity. I am excited to learn how to craft my own and love learning about new types of plant medicines. I am thinking I may eventually try to sell my handcrafted incense alongside my art at local farmers markets. Any certification necessary for selling my own incense in this way? Peace! 🕊

    • Sue

      So relevant especially in today’s cultures and in society in general. With new rules around being “unscented” or recent illnesses that take away your sense of smell I was hoping to find a pathway back to aromas… and my memories. Purefection…

    • R

      When will the last 2 videos be available to watch?

      • NW School of Aromatic Medicine

        Hello, please locate the video navigation below the video. There you will be able to click on each lesson as they are released. Thanks!

    • Claudia

      Thanks. Love this video. Would love to learn more.

    • Daicy

      I’ve been interested in creating incense for a little while. I didn’t know there was more to it. I had a reiki session done and she use incense in her practice. and it heighten my awareness and opened my vision up. I now started using incense and it would be great to learn how to make it because it’s more intimate with the plants. Thank you for teaching!

    • Seekhlohji

      I was just thinking about how to make my own just yesterday and here today I found you . Thank you . I look forward to learning from you .

    • Shannon

      I really enjoyed the 1st video, it opened my mind to many possibilities. Thank you

    • sandi

      Please put cc (close captions)/ subtitles. I’m interesting in how to make. Thanks 👍

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