Lesson 3: How to Make Your Own Incense Cones

Download Your Incense cOne Making Blueprint Below:

Lesson 1:
The Core Foundations of Incense

Lesson 2:
The Building Blocks of Incense

Lesson 3:
Making Your Own Incense

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The Traditional incense crafting course

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    8 replies to "How to Make Your Own Incense"

    • Angela Caddy

      Loved watching you get your hands dirty and make incense…. I can’t wait to start making my own! I’m going to look into your whole course!

    • Danielle Schriebmaier

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your knowledge! I can’t wait to create beautiful and therapeutic cones. I also plan to grow a lot of my own ingredients and do a lot more research. Bless you for sparking the fire and encouraging others!

    • Tovit

      Thank you Evan, for sharing your passion and knowledge for this beautiful craft!

    • Claudia

      Thank you so much. Love your classes, and can’t wait to try making my own cones.

      • Josee

        Wow! Thank you so much, It’s à great additon to my knowledge with plants.

    • Mona-Lee

      Thank you Evan. Your videos are lovely. You have sparked my inspiration & I am going to look into your full courses.

    • D

      Very well done! Through job! Thank you

    • Kaity

      This was amazing and I can’t wait to try it in practice! Thank you so much!

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