The Hand-Crafted Incense Workshop Series

Workshop 2: The Building Blocks of Incense

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Lesson 1:
Core Foundations of Incense

Lesson 2:
The Building Blocks of Incense

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lesson 3:
Making your own incense cones

the traditional incense crafting course

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    9 replies to "The Building Blocks of Incense"

    • Reddy

      Thank you very much for all the great information. I have a question, is it healthy to use coal?

      • There are 2 main types of charcoal that people use for incense. There is a natural variety which is safe to burn, and a self-lighting variety (known as hookah charcoal). Self-lighting charcoals contain different chemicals that are not recommended for burning indoors, or along with your incense for health reasons. We recommend using natural coconut husk charcoal or Japanese bamboo charcoal for your incense. We offer coconut husk charcoal at our store You can also use charcoal from your fire.

    • Natalie

      This is fantastic, thankyou so much for sharing your information, can’t wait to try it.

    • Bronwen

      Thank you! Looking forward to the next lesson.

    • Shelley Forbes

      I am enjoying this so much! I have studied and used medicinal and culinary herbs and plants for years and more recently, the positive effects of essential oils. I am so thrilled to learn about natural incense making! I would love to study more. So much gratitude for coming across this wonderful teaching. Thank you.

    • Georgina

      Great information, excited for more

    • Kyla

      Thanks Evan! I appreciate your dedication, passion, sincerity and knowledge about incense and providing this valuable crafting information. I was excited to learn about the healing properties of the ingredients and the benefits of using the entire plant over just the essential oils. Looking forward to the next class!

    • Angela Caddy

      Thank you for offering this free min course Evan! This second class really hit home for me when you talked about how some people say they can’t stand incense or it gives them headaches (I know people who say this!) but natural aromatic materials are a whole new way of burning non-chemical incense! I want to also help educate and change how people look at incense! Looking forward to class 3.

    • Rosemary Kreutz

      loved this second class can hardly wait for the next class

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