Welcome to The Hand-Crafted Incense Workshop Series

Workshop 1: The Core Foundations of Incense

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Lesson 1: 
Core Foundations of Incense

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Lesson 2:
the building blocks of incense

Lesson 3:
Making Your own incense cones

The traditional incense crafting course

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    21 replies to "The Core Foundations of Incense"

    • Kim

      Excited to learn about making cones and sticks. I already make loose incense that I use in rituals and when I need smoke and aromatherapy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

    • Sylvianne Paré

      Félicitation. Très intéressent.

    • Rosemary Kreutz

      Awesome workshope loved every minute of it i do have a question what is the best sent of incense for Reiki sessions

      • I would personally follow your heart with that one. What plants are you called to work with? Plants have many different abilities, so it would also depend on what your intention is for a healing session I suppose.

    • Carla Smith

      So glad I found this workshop. Looking forward to learning more

    • Angela Caddy

      Love how you explained loose incense as “granola” … each burn is a bit different! I’m very excited to take this first, small step in learning how to make incense with prayer and intention. I love the ritualistic essence of burning incense.

    • Gloria

      Very eye-opening. Didn’t realize that incense was the first in the line of aromatics, however, it makes perfect sense! Looking forward to learning more!

    • Victoria Peck

      So excited to learn more about making insence

    • Johanna Johnson`

      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this subject. Excited for your next video.

    • Shar

      Thank you so much. I love incense and am looking forward to your guided informative tutorial

    • Sharine

      Interesting. Can’t wait for the next video

    • Mona-Lee

      Thank you for this course, I am so intrigued – I appreciated the information of the worldwide & cultural awareness as well as the list of uses. I look forward to the next videos.

    • India

      Merci beaucoup pour votre partage sur l’encens. Même sans la fragrance, c’est calmant!

    • Yalonda

      Thank you for this! I am so excited. I use cone and sticks daily for meditation and just focus . I have used loose as well . Incense is apart of my daily life and I give them to family and friends to get through our changing lives. I can’t wait to learn more.

    • Tyrian

      This is just what I need. I love incense they are my saving grace when I write, work and struggle through life. I thank you for this wonderful work shop.

    • Cindy Groom

      I am SO happy I came across your post 🥰, I have always used incense, I use essential oils ( Lavender, Tea Tree, Almond, Coconut, Rosemary, Mint), I can’t believe I have never thought about making my own incense, Thought about making my own candles (I haven’t gotten to yet🥴), One day at a time☺️
      I am so Excited and Grateful for your workshop, Thank You ☮️💜✝️

    • Toni

      As a teenager, I was forbidden to burn incense at home because, in my father’s eyes, incense was only for covering up the smell of pot. Now, I burn incense daily. I am excited to learn how to make my own. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Looking forward to the next video. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Mimi

      Thank you I am so grateful to learn how to make my own as I want to burn plants like bay leaf and others but I also have asthma and my love of it has been on hold due to as you said chemical processed aromatherapy that can hurt rather than help. I forge for wilds and love herbals and take tincture and tea in my life so this is a whole other world for me to be excited about and to learn more. I do have some Native American roots as my great great grandmother was a squah so in always felt close to nature and drawn to it…it would be so amazing to actually learn this craft . I have burned frankincense, myrrh and other plants but love to dive into so much more healing through this modality…I have spent 40+ years learning all Types of healing modalities so this is very interesting for me and will enrich my life even more so. I am a baker so I understand the craft or science to getting a recipe just right and think this is what also draws me to this class…I took so much away from what you just shared , took notes and listening intently….. much love 💗

    • sheryl dill

      This is very interesting. I never thought to make my own incense. Looking forward to the next video. I use incense just because I like the way it smells.

    • Martha

      I am very happy that I found this incense workshop. I am excited about learning and also making my own natural incense for purification purposes. Thank you Evan.

    • Elsbeth FARRELL

      Wow! So cool. I’m going to check out all the videos I can! Thank you!

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