Welcome to The botanical resins Workshop Series

Workshop 1: The Core Aspects of resins & gums

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Lesson 1: 
The Core aspects of resins & Gums

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Lesson 2:
Preparing Resins for Herbal crafting

Lesson 3:
How to make a pine resin salve

The botanical resins & gums course

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    74 replies to "The Core Aspects of Resins & Gums"

    • Sarah

      Hi, I am curious if you could recommend any books for beginners?

    • Ene

      Thank-you for your generosity of your wealth of information!! Also, your voice is very pleasing to listen to, well paced & your enunciation is most appreciated. Some other public speakers are quite painful to listen to.

    • Ivette

      This is wonderful! Thank you

    • Stephen

      Thanks Evan!
      Quick question/concern:
      I’m under the impression that there’s more than one type of dragons blood resin(?). The last kind that I recently picked up does not appear to be alcohol soluble, but I recall reading that true dragons blood resin is alcohol soluble.
      Is there a way that you know of, that I may use to process the dragons blood ‘resin’ that I do have?
      Thank you!

      • Hey Stephen. Yes there are a few types of resin sold under the name of Dragon’s blood: Calamus rotang and Dracaena species are the 2 most common, there are also resins sold from the Daemonorops sp, Croton sp., and Pterocarpus sp.

        I’m not sure what type you have, but all of the above should be soluble in alcohol.

        • Stephen

          Yah after doing some research it appears that the dragons blood resin I acquired is less of a “deep shiny red” and more of a “chalky-pink hue with mostly red”. Thank you again Evan, for the work you offer and share. Next time I’ll aim to source my materials in a more practical and sustainable way.

    • 🌺Akosua's Sacred Scents🌺

      Thanks for such sacred and beautiful healing information Evan. Your generosity is immensly appreciated!! With love from Ghana!

    • Margarita

      Thank you, Evan, what a wonderful presentation! After years of having crafted my own “potions”, I just today realized I could make my own, or harvest my own gums and resins to enhance my lotions, salves and creams. Not to mention what I learned about their additional medicinal properties. I look forward to doing the rest of the course so I may incorporate this valuable knowledge into my crafts. Very much appreciated!

    • Latonya

      Great info thank you herbs are good for the body

    • Danielle

      Thank you for providing this resource and inspiration. I enjoy putting tree resin on my gums if they are inflamed and also love burning for cleansing and pleasant home space. I am excited to learn how to take this interest to a new level.

      • Hi Danielle. Yes! There are many resins that are used for oral health around the world. There are even a few that you can find in natural toothpastes, powders and mouthwashes. And you can learn how to make your own as well!

    • Nickie

      Thank you soooo much! Late to the party, but fascinating as always! You are so generous – I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. Blessings!
      Is there an actual ‘brick & mortar’ school? I live in the PNW and would love to come learn in-person!

    • Jenn

      Hi Evan,
      I was in Italy and had received this info in my email. Just back to the states today and dove into the 1st lesson it was great! Can’t wait for my next. Thank you so much for what you do! Best Jenn
      Just back today to the states and jet lag or not dove right into the 1st lesson & loved it!

      Just back from Italy and

    • Corina

      Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us!

    • Shelley Forbes

      I’ve always been curious and explored local resins and gums having them stuck on my clothes, my fingers and teeth, yes teeth! I collected some from time to time but I never knew what to do with them. I’ve always loved the aroma. I am so thrilled and grateful to be receiving this mini course from you! Thank you. Ques tion? What if a person has allergies to outdoor plants trees, can (s)he still use the resins and gum? Thank you

      • Hi Shelley. I’m happy you’ve decided to join me and learn more. To answer your question, I would imagine it depends on which species or families of plants that someone is allergic to. Those would be the ones to avoid using.

    • Leah Roberts

      Thank you so much for offering this mini-course! In the first video, what really stuck out to me was the different types of resins/gums and their solubility requirements. I look forward to the next 2 videos!

    • alix

      Fantastic! Great video!

    • Kathryn Regnier

      Evan, thank you for a great lesson 1. Can’t wait to learn more!

    • John

      Evan — Great information and professional presentation. I was very impressed with the accompanying workbook. I love your work, style and generosity in sharing these enlightening and instructional video’s.

    • Carolyn

      Another awesome video as they all have been! Have only fruit trees in my yard. Could I use them? I’ve noticed some sap on my grapefruit tree, but don’t know where I go from there. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

      • So with fruit trees, usually what you’re seeing is a mostly pure gum. They’re not aromatic or medicinal compared to resins.

    • Aliya

      Thanks for Lesson 2! I can’t wait for Lesson 3, which my guess is that you’ll teach us how to best suck up all the wonderful properties of the gums/resins into oil. Right?

    • Linda

      What a great introduction into the world of botanical resins. I am excited to learn more and see where I can source these wonderful botanicals from here in Australia.

    • Charlotte

      Sharing this amazing information with my family! What a well done series! You’ve inspired me to try making my 1st ever attempt at resins and salve’s!!! We have a small farm and making our own balms and salve’s for the animals will be more cost effective! Thanks! Love learning new things and your teaching style is awesome!

    • Victoria

      I think I’ve taken all the classes you have made available and have learned so much! I’m all ears! I live on a farm on the east coast of NC. I have Cedars, Junipers and Pine in the back yard! yay for me! Thank you for sharing!

      • Hey Victoria, that’s great! Sounds like you’ve got some great medicines around you. You’ll have a lot of fun with this.

    • Penka

      Thanks for the detailed steps at the very beginning and looking forward to seeing the next ones. I am located in Egypt and geblnuinely interested to compare my improve my knowledge and practice with the educational materials and tutorials represented by you.

    • Rana

      Thank you so much for this super helpful series.

    • Rachel

      I cannot wait for the whole class to be offered!! I am so excited about these teachings.

    • Dorothy Lee Batten

      Hi Evan
      Thank you so much for offering this course. You are right! I love working with herbs and roots but never thought I could access resins and gums. I am looking so forward to learning about how to extract the different types. I am hoping that what my friends and I Harvest every year from sugar pines is resin? We always saved it for fire starter! This will be much more interesting.
      Once again thank you for this awesome gift.

      • Hi Dorothy. Yes, I’d imagine what you’re harvesting is Pine resin. What you’ve been harvesting is good medicine. Enjoy the rest of the series!

    • Stacey Massey

      Even, thank you so much for this series! I just moved to the Smokey Mountains so I am totally stoked to go out and see if I can forage any of these amazing medicines! The incense series was so much fun so thank you again for your generosity with this information. These resins are tricky little tricksters to work with so I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us!!

    • Carol

      Thank you so much Evan, this was very interesting, I love learning new things I have never used resin or gums before so I looking forward to to learning how to use them correctly and I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

    • Mara

      Thank you so much for this free workshop, it was truly amazing, perfectly enlightning and very interesting! Looking forward to dive in the next video. Warm greetings from France.

    • Aliya

      Just start watching the video. Thank you in advance!!!

    • Elana

      You offer quality content; I’m still crafting incense from my prior class of yours. You have a generous heart. This is very useful as I make salves for solar keratosis and pain; I did attempt to make an extraction of Frankincense from the resin, and I could have used your help with that one! Anyway, I will be able to utilize every bit of this. Way to go, Evan!

    • Angela

      Thank you Evan! I’m enjoying this workshop. Learning how the trees heal themselves to form resins and how we can use
      these resins to create and heal ourselves naturally. Looking forward to the rest of the workshop.

    • Sylva

      Thank you! I really enjoyed this video. Going in, I knew a little about resins; but now I have a more solid foundation. I knew nothing about gums prior to this.

    • Joanne

      Super excited to learn your knowledge.
      I’m into self healing.
      Thank you for teaching these important methods from nature to healing.

    • Yvonne

      Thank you for putting together this information on resins. How fun! I just recently harvested my first resin from some pine trees at my mom’s place in KY. She asked “how did you know to do that..” hhmmm it was instict but I look forward to gaining the knowledge to go with that and making some healing preparations to share with her. So far Ihave burned my findings as incense as I love the resins for aroma.

    • Rosie Velasquez

      Evan, once again, such great content. You have a gift of teaching topics in a way that walks us through it touching on the complexities but but not making it feel overwhelming.

    • Ciel

      Thanks so much for offering these workshops, I’ve been wanting to take one of your classes for ages but the cost has always been an issue. I’m so excited to try something before committing to a whole training course! I’m an incense maker but I’m completely self taught and I am really looking forward to sharpening my skills and learning some new stuff.

    • Denise

      Can’t wait to dive in! I have been learning so much from your courses, thank you for giving of your time and knowledge!

    • Jerri Bon d

      Hello, I burn resins such as Frankincense and benzoin. Evan, now that you have explained the difference between oleo resins and gums I will stick with oleo resins. (smile) The only gum I use is guargum for incense making. This video was very informative. Thank you.

    • Tina

      Thanks Evan! My biggest takeaway is GOING to be be knowing how to properly extract the resins I have for skin care products.

    • Kerry

      So very much looking forward to this series Evan, thank you for making and sharing it with us all.

    • Michelle

      Hi Evan, I loved your other courses. This one looks really interesting. I am making salves and creams and was looking at how I can incorporate resins into them, so perfect timing.

      • That is perfect timing Michelle. There’s definitely an art to adding resins into salves, and we’ll uncover what it takes. Enjoy the rest of the series!

    • Audrey Chapman

      Hi from the west of ireland,really enjoyed the first part of this course but have no experience with resins or gums,looking forward to learning what i can use in the area i live in which is a temperate moist zone,much appreciation for the gift,audrey

      • Hi Audrey! Welcome. There’s no need for prior experience. I’m going to be laying out a full map for you in the series. As far as I know, there are different evergreens that grow in Ireland that produce nice aromatic and medicinal resin. Have fun!

    • mina

      thank u for this new learnings they are awesome looking forward to the next lesson 😍🙏🏻

    • Trudie

      Wow what a super generous offering – so glad I checked my mail today and found this – in the past I have used very little resin products exactly because I do not know the correct way to use them – so grateful and looking forward to this workshop – thank you!

    • Virginia

      Hi, I enjoyed the first video, and am looking forward to the rest. Thanks

    • Chana

      thank you, liked this , learning new learnings,

    • Stefanie

      Awesome material
      Thank you so much

    • Melissa Szaro


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