About Us

The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011, and is currently located on forested and meadowed land on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state among Cedar and Fir trees, and wild Rhododendrons. 

With our exclusive online presence, we offer work-at-your-own-pace, distance learning opportunities so you can learn from home within your own schedule.

Our Mission

We aim to support people in their at-home health care while helping them connect to nature and enrich their lives through the many ways aromatic botanicals can be used. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the aromatic arts and incorporate the plants growing around them into their own fragrant creations for health, beauty, ritual, and enjoyment. 

In addition to teaching aromatic medicine practices, we are the only online school in the world to offer such an extensive incense crafting program. We are also the first and only school of incense crafting in the United States.

Bio-Regional Aromatic Medicine

Learning about your local plants is empowering and a crucial aspect of aromatic medicine, which is why our courses touch on what we refer to as, Bio-regional Aromatic Medicine. We encourage students to get to know their local or home-grown plants and show them how to establish relationships with them and incorporate them into their own herbal preparations. We also focus on sourcing non-local botanicals with sustainability and ethics in mind.

Community Diversity

From beginners to professional aromatherapists, herbalists, perfumers, incense crafters, and practitioners of various alternative medicine practices, we have happily guided thousands of graduates throughout North America and in over 50 countries in their work with aromatic plants. Our diverse students are from all walks of life, age groups, ethnicities, and genders. All are welcome at the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, and we hope you join our community!

Evan Sylliaasen

Founder & Head Instructor of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine

Founder of Higher Mind Incense

Evan Sylliaasen has been walking the paths of the artisan incense crafter, aromatherapist, and herbalist since 2009. He founded his 100% natural and sustainable incense company, Higher Mind Incense, in 2011, followed by The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine in 2014. His school is one of the only schools teaching the ancient arts of traditional incense crafting and medicinal incense. Evan’s teachings encompass various aromatic arts and herbal traditions that help aromatherapists, herbalists, at-home healers, and incense enthusiasts broaden their scope of holistic healing, connect more deeply to the plants they work with, and create effective and award-winning incenses and aromatic formulas.

Evan guides students on experiential journeys through the realms of scent, helping establish deeper relationships with plants and a greater understanding of holistic healing through the sense of smell. He believes the ancient art of incense holds an important key to a healthy and balanced life through ritual and therapeutics. 

Evan resides with his wife and son on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. He's an avid hiker, outdoorsman, and gardener whose vision is to create an aromatic plant sanctuary with educational greenhouses for exotic aromatic plants, and herb crops to supply his company Higher Mind Incense.