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Whether you're a community, family, or self-healer, the field of Aromatic Medicine is a universal modality that encompasses physiological, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Incense and aromatics have been used for millennia on every continent to heal the sick, balance emotional states, bring clarity to the mind, and strengthen connection to spirit.

Through ancient fragrant traditions, ritualistic perspectives, and medicinal aromatic plant wisdom from around the world, aromatherapists, incense crafters, and herbalists learn to strengthen their foundational understanding and personal connection to aromatics and the plants themselves through The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Andrea Butje

"Evan has a true gift at bringing together the extraordinary world of incense with aromatic healing and transformation. This program offers both practical information for anyone wanting to immerse into the world of incense, along with a deep spiritual awareness and invitation to honor your life and connect with the divine world of plants. The program is professional and personal, in-depth and accessible. Evan is a magnificent teacher and his sincerity and beauty shines throughout. I highly recommend it!"

Andrea Butje, Founder, Aromahead Institute
Anna Doxie

"This was an absolutely enjoyable course from start to finish! This program takes you through the rich history of incense crafting to modern day custom formulations. The video presentations are engaging and professional. Evan’s passion for creating artfully handcrafted traditional incense is contagious! This is the original aromatic medicine at its finest!"

Anna Doxie, Founder & Director, Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy
LeAnn Rimes

"Evan's Listening to Incense Course came at the perfect time on my spiritual, healing journey. This course touches your heart and leads you on a journey of deepening your intuition while greatly informing you of the ancient teachings of Ko-doh, “The Way of Incense.” Whether you're wanting to expand your knowledge of the healing properties of plants, deepen your connection to your heart and intuition, or want to add more tools to your self healing toolbox, THIS COURSE IS A MUST for an incredibly expansive journey."

LeAnn Rimes, Country Singer, & Soul Blogger

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