Whether you are a community healer, family healer, or self-healer, the field of Aromatic Medicine is a universal modality that encompasses physiological, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Incense and aromatics have been used for millennia on every continent to heal the sick, balance emotional states, bring clarity to the mind, and strengthen connection to spirit. Those lucky enough to find themselves on the fragrant path are chosen representatives of the plant kingdom who are called to share the many gifts of beauty, healing, and true power of aromatics with the world.

The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine is a unique conduit through which the sacred teachings of aromatic plants come to life. Through ancient fragrant traditions, ritualistic perspectives, and medicinal aromatic plant wisdom from around the world, aromatherapists, incense crafters, and herbalists will learn to strengthen their foundational understanding and personal connection to aromatics and the plants themselves.

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Jen Davis

"Evan's Listening to Incense course was so much more than I could have expected. First of all, thank you for making it affordable. Who knew there could be so much information about incense. Not only was the course enlightening, excitingly well written, and relevant; it allowed me to create personal conclusions and allowed for a free-thinking and meditative space that I couldn't do with just meditation alone. His incense is delightfully fragrant and pleasing which made doing the "homework" enticing and fun."

Jen Davis, Seattle, WA
Megan Walsch

"The Listening to Incense Course has been an incredible journey! I had always loved working with incense, but never really knew the depth that I could go with my practice. The information gained from this experience is truly life changing and has given me a whole new lens of perception and way of connecting with my Incense. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and all the heart-felt work that was put into creating this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their prayer with Incense to a whole new level! "

Megan Walsch, Chicago, IL
Adnrea Butje

"Evan has a true gift at bringing together the extraordinary world of incense with aromatic healing and transformation. This program offers both practical information for anyone wanting to immerse into the world of incense, along with a deep spiritual awareness and invitation to honor your life and connect with the divine world of plants. The program is professional and personal, in-depth and accessible. Evan is a magnificent teacher and his sincerity and beauty shines throughout. I highly recommend it!"

Adnrea Butje, Founder, Aromahead Institute


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