Unlock the secrets of holistic personalized healing
Through the ancient system of the elements.
Explore the profound connections between
plants and personal well-being in our...
Foundational Mini-Course Bundle

In the rich tapestry of herbal medicine, there exists a profound system that taps into the universal rhythms of nature...

...the Elements. 

This ancient wisdom is woven into the fabric of traditional systems of medicine.

It offers a holistic approach to understanding the connections between plants, human health, and spiritual well-being.

The wisdom of the Elements uncovers the
 foundational patterns that guide healing traditions worldwide. 

From Ayurveda's elemental balance to Chinese Medicine's harmony with nature, the Elements serve as a timeless guide to wholeness and vitality.

A Unified Language of Wellness

Through the system of the Elements, we discover a cohesive language that speaks to us through plants—through their medicinal virtues, energetic effects, and spiritual significance. 

Understanding this wisdom leads to greater alignment in your remedy selection and can increase the potency of your medicines and formulas. 

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the intricate connections between plants, people, and the natural world? 

Dive into the ancient wisdom that has guided healers and herbalists for ages with our specially curated mini-course bundle.


The Elements In Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course


Personal Constitution & Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course

These 2 paired offerings are lessons from the Aromatic Medicine Garden Membership.(purchasing these mini-courses does not grant you membership to the AMG)

You'll gain access to 2 transformative courses that will revolutionize 
your approach to holistic health and aromatic medicine.

Get both Mini-Courses for just $47

(This 48 flash sale ends Thursday, 4/11 at midnight pst)

"Healing begins with understanding the

Elements within and around us."

- Hildegard of Bingen

#1 - The Elements In Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course ($95 value)

In this enlightening, 5 lesson video course, 
we'll explore the fundamental building blocks of existence: 
the 4 elements of earth, air, fire, and water

Elemental Energetics:
Discover the profound influence of these elements on health and well-being and learn how to harness their wisdom to unlock the secrets of aromatic plants for greater healing potential. You'll learn how each element embodies unique qualities, shaping plants and governing our health. 

Sensory Exploration: 
In our 1 hour-long journeys into each element (4 hours in total), we'll also uncover the energetics of each and how it manifests in plants through the senses of taste, aroma, sight, and sensation, and how this can affect the human body, psyche and emotions. 

Aromatic Alchemy: 
Dive deep into the aromatic realm and uncover how plants express elemental properties through their aromas and essences.

Holistic Healing:
Through understanding the interconnectedness of the elements, plants, and the wholeness of a person, we can learn to see what is causing imbalances and how to address them to bring things back into harmony.

"To know yourself is the beginning of wisdom."

- Aristotle

#2 - Personal Constitution & Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course ($95 value)

Since we're all unique, a one-size-fits-all approach 
with herbs or essential oils doesn't really work. 

Through the ancient lens of the Elements, the Humoral system and
the Temperaments, you'll gain invaluable insights into choosing the
right herbs and remedies tailored to individual needs. 

This nearly 5 hour mini-course will transform how you
use aromatic medicine in powerful ways.

An Ancient Guidance System:
Discover the Temperaments, an ancient system of personality and health indicators. Understanding our dominant temperament guides us in selecting herbal remedies that suit our individual health and emotional needs, optimizing their effectiveness for holistic well-being.

Discover Your Personal Constitution: 
Gain invaluable insights into your own emotional, psychological and physiological health by learning about this system and taking your own Personal Constitution Quiz. 

Apply Your Wisdom to Helping Others:
Through understanding yourself on deeper levels, you'll be better able to assist others with herbs in the future. This is the key to holistic aromatic medicine. 

Let's Strengthen Your Aromatic Medicine Foundations

These essential teachings pave the way for a deeper understanding of aromatic
plant medicine and empower you with invaluable insights that last a lifetime.

By learning the art of reading the Elements within yourself and observing their patterns in nature, you'll embark on a journey of clarity and greater effectiveness in your aromatic practice.

This knowledge isn't just about plant medicine—
it's a beautiful framework for personal growth and connection.

Explore your inner depths, uncover the sacred patterns of nature, 
and forge a deeper bond with the healing power of plants.

These teachings are foundational, essential, and transformative.
Embark on this journey with us and unlock the secrets of nature's wisdom.

Ready to strengthen your aromatic medicine foundations?



This 48 Flash Sale Ends Thursday 4/11 at Midnight PST

You'll get:

The Elements & Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course ($95 value)


Personal Constitution & Aromatic Medicine Mini-Course ($95 value)

Get Both Mini-Courses For Just $47


Erika Galentin is a Clinical Herbalist, aromatherapist, distiller, grower, medicine-maker, and founder of Sovereignty Herbs. She holds a degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK and Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, Glasgow, UK. She is a professional member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) and the American Herbalists Guild (USA). 

Over a decade of clinical practice has provided a platform for witnessing the efficacy of medicinal plants and aromatics within a clinical environment. In addition to clinical practice, Erika is both a student and teacher of horticulture, native medicinal plant conservation and ecology, and the phenomenological and Goethean study of plants and their medicinal virtues.

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