Crafting Supreme Attars
Unlock the Secrets of Ancient Perfumery
Craft Your Own Supreme Attars at Home

Have you ever wanted to create your own luxurious, long-lasting fragrances? 

Do you wish to connect with the rich traditions of ancient perfumery? 

Now you easily can! 

Introducing the Supreme Attars Mini-Course, where you'll learn everything you need to know to craft lavish Indian and Middle Eastern style attar perfumes using the finest natural materials and traditional methods.

In this immersive 8 lesson mini-course, expert perfumer JK DeLapp, founder of Rising Phoenix Perfumery, will guide you through the intricate world of Supreme Attars.

You'll explore the histories and stories of attars, specific materials, and techniques that make attar crafting an art form cherished for centuries. 

You'll gain the knowledge and skills to create your own captivating, exotic natural fragrances at home while deeply understanding the various aromatic materials used in traditional attar perfumery. 

Perfume is the art that speaks in whispers, a silent melody that dances in the air, capturing the essence of the soul.


Hey, I’m JK. My journey into the world of attars began with a fascination for the rich, complex aromas of natural resins, fragrant hardwoods, and divine florals of the far East. 

After graduating from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2012, I delved deeply into the ancient art of attar making and traveled to their birthplace many times in pursuit of ancient Middle Eastern and Indian perfume knowledge. 

With over a decade of experience in crafting attars professionally, I've observed many enthusiasts struggling with the intricacies of creating them, which stems from a lack of understanding of the nuanced techniques essential to this art.

I look forward to guiding you in creating exquisite attars and helping you avoid the pitfalls and frustrations that I encountered on my path.


The Roots of Aromatics & Perfume

Explore the rich history of perfumery through ancient civilizations. Learn how early cultures utilized natural materials for both fragrance and medicinal purposes, setting the foundation for modern perfumery.

Traditional Attar Materials & Tools

Familiarize yourself with the essential materials traditionally used in attar making. Learn the importance of balancing fragrances and discover the tools needed to create Supreme Attars.

The Art of Attar Formulation

Learn the art of fragrance formulation and how to balance aromas to create well-balanced, long-lasting attar perfumes. Discover the formulation blueprints for creating captivating attars.

The Story Of Attar Perfumes

Discover the ancient Indian & Middle Eastern world of fine attars. Understand their traditional crafting methods and unique distillation and compounding processes that makes them so cherished.

Luxurious Fragrance & Divine Aromatics

Understand what makes Supreme Attars so luxurious by exploring rare and exotic materials. Learn the differences between various extracts, and how these exquisite ingredients elevate the fragrance experience.

Make Your Own Exquisite Attars

Follow step-by-step instructions to create your own deluxe attars at a low cost. Learn how to add complexity with additional ingredients, discover techniques for optimal scent projection and longevity.


~ 8 visually stimulating video lessons with close-ups, of in-depth training on making Supreme Attars.

~ 5 PDF handouts and guidebooks to make your attar crafting simple and easy.

~ 8 MP3s and video transcript handouts of each lesson for easy listening on the go.

~ Step-by-step Attar formulas to follow or use as templates to substitute materials & discover your own fragrances.

~ Loads of expert tips and tricks from a decade + of professional experience making high-end natural attars.

PLUS, work at your own pace and complete the training stress-free in your own time.


Lesson 1: An Introduction to the World of Supreme Attars

• Exploring attars, from origin to their various styles

 Historical background and differences from modern alcohol-based perfumes to attar fragrances

• Key ingredients, materials, and traditional crafting methods specific to attars

The core differences between perfumery and aromatherapy

• Longevity of attars on skin, hair, and clothing

• Benefits of making supreme attars at home

Lesson 2: Historical Roots of Fragrances Around the World

 The history of attar fragrances in different regions of the Middle East & India

• Evolution of perfumery in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and the Far East

 Traditional distillation of attars in India

• Modern styles of distillation and production

• What sets Supreme Attars apart from other fragrances

 The cultural significance of attars and fragrance

Lesson 3: Traditional Attar Materials and Essential Tools

 The core elements of an attar

A detailed walkthrough of traditional aromatic materials and what makes them unique

 How to create balance and harmony in a fragrance formula

• Essential tools and supplies for creating attar fragrances

 Recommendations for storage and aging oils

Lesson 4: Exploring Exquisite Aromatics and Fragrance Luxury

• Rare and exotic materials traditionally used in Supreme Attars

Important distinctions between using essential oils and absolutes

 Impact of extraction methods on aroma and note categories

 Exploration of traditional materials like Oud and Sandalwood oils, Shamama, Rose Absolute, Citrus, and more

Lesson 5: The Art of Fragrance Formulation

• Understanding the basics of fragrance formulation

• Importance of the Fragrance Pyramid

• Utilizing the system of fragrance notes in attar making

A Blueprint for creating well-balanced, long-lasting fragrances

• Role of quality materials in attar composition

 Enhancing longevity with different base notes

Lesson 6: Crafting Your Own Supreme Attars: Part 1 - Sample Creation

 Step-by-step walkthrough for making an attar formula from start to finished product

 Adding complexity to fragrances with additional materials

Lesson 7: Crafting Your Own Supreme Attars: Part 2 - Formulation

• Step-by-step process for making your own Supreme Attar using traditional formulation ratios

 Creating a Supreme Attar with depth and complexity that lasts on the skin

 Measuring aromatic materials by weight

• Importance of scent progression, dry down, and optimal application

Lesson 8: Inspiration & Your Next Steps on the Perfumery Path

 Joys and benefits of creating natural perfumes at home

 Drawing inspiration from history and culture

 Examples of fragrance concepts and storytelling through scents

 Connecting with different cultures through fragrances

 Bringing the world to you through natural perfumes


This is the only complete mini-course on how to make Indian & Middle Eastern style attar perfumes.

Nowhere else is so much information and step-by-step crafting instruction offered.

All of the wisdom, tips and tricks JK has gathered in over a decade

are packaged up for you into one priceless program.

That's 13+ years of...

• Working with the aromatic materials of the attar world first-hand.

• Traveling to the birthplace of attars to learn ancient perfumery knowledge.

• Getting raving feedback from selling to tens of thousands of customers around the world.

• Formulating perfumes that have won international awards.

This course will absolutely mesmerize you

and we know you won't find anything else out there like it.


If you're totally new to natural perfumery, this mini-course will build the proper foundations 

that will give you the confidence and competence to craft your own lavish attars.

And if you're already making your own fragranced products, great!

You're about add a delightful new skill to your repertoire that will

elevate your perfumery practice in a beautiful way.

Ready to embark on your perfumery journey?



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