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Copal, it’s one of the most well-known and oldest names in the world of incense. If you’re into incense, surely you’ve heard of it and likely have burned some before. But what exactly is Copal?

True Copal is a tree resin found from the American Southwest down through northern Argentina, produced by a number of trees in the Bursera and Protium genera. There are however, many imposters from other parts of the world that are freely given the name Copal, though are from completely different genera, have totally different medicinal properties, and their own histories and ceremonial uses.

Copal is the most widely used sacred incense and medicinal tree resin from Mexico to Argentina. Known for its use in treating many skin disorders and irritations, respiratory complaints, infections and viruses, pain, nervous system and mental imbalances, and more, Copal has been used topically, internally, and as a fumigant and medicinal incense for ages.

It’s ritual and spiritual history dates back to the early Mayan and Aztec peoples, and even before that. The Mayans and Aztecs considered it one of their most sacred plants, where it was used extensively in pyramid temples for offerings and prayers. Shamans and traditional healers from Mexico to Southern Brazil have used this fragrant resin for many spiritual uses as well.

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Article By: Evan Sylliaasen, Aromatherapist, professional incense crafter, founder of Higher Mind Incense & The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine.

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