Aphrodisiacs have a strong reputation for influencing our sexual desires. While this may be true, they can do so much more for you! Herbal aphrodisiacs also support our sexual health, self-love, and overall vitality, and help us cultivate a deeper connection to ourselves, others, and the world. They’ve also been known to promote emotional healing, personal growth, confidence, creativity, and relationship healing. Aphrodisiacs can benefit anyone, regardless of your age, gender, or relationship status. 

Let’s deepen our herbal wisdom and take a look at what herbal aphrodisiacs are, the many dynamic ways they can be used, and the importance of connection.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs range from herbs and aromatic plants to spices and foods that can not only stimulate sexual desire and pleasure, but also rejuvenate our vitality, restore libido, and heal our hearts and emotions. The word is derived from the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, who represents love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation [1]. 

Choosing which aphrodisiacs to work with is a personal matter, as there are many herbs that can be used in different situations and with different intentions. The smells and textures of some plants can stimulate our senses and open us up more fully to intimate moments, through incense, essential oils, topical preparations, or enjoying things like honey and strawberries.

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Other plants, like Cacao, contain the same chemical compounds found in our brains that are released during intimate connection with others. And some plants like Rose and Hawthorne work to heal us on spiritual and emotional levels, helping us work through past traumas, open closed-off hearts, or stoke our self confidence.

What Aphrodisiacs Can Do For You

Sexual Empowerment

Aphrodisiacs are commonly used to enhance sexual excitement, but beyond that they can also support sexual health and personal empowerment. Therefore, they can benefit anyone, regardless of their relationship status. If you are single, aphrodisiacs can help you connect with yourself and your sexual identity more deeply, and strengthen your feelings of self-love. They can also benefit you in any phase of a relationship, whether it’s fresh and new, or long lasting and needing reignited passion. 

In a more practical sense, some herbal aphrodisiacs can bring healing and rejuvenation to the sexual organs themselves. Some aphrodisiacs actually help to increase blood flow to these areas, while some boost libido and balance hormone levels. Some herbs are used to treat sexual issues in male and female reproductive systems. Many herbal aphrodisiacs are also used to increase sexual stimulation in both men and women. 

Creativity & Vitality

The Sacral Chakra, an energetic center within our bodies, located at the lower belly and inner pelvis, is associated with sensuality and creativity. This chakra rules pleasure, flow, flexibility, and fun. When this chakra is balanced, our relationship with ourselves and the world feels happy, harmonious and nurturing [2]. 

Aphrodisiacs can help balance your Sacral Chakra, supporting your health, happiness, and life-force energy. Aphrodisiacs can also help you to connect to a continual flow of sensual energy that can increase your confidence, creativity, and vitality. 


Not only can aphrodisiacs be used to support a healthy sexuality and increase passion for life, but they can also help support your connection to others and the world. They can offer healthy, inspiring ways to enhance intimacy and build passionate, healthy relationships. They provide you an opportunity to fall more deeply in love with yourself, with others, and with life itself. 

Beyond the Aphrodisiac Stereotype

Aphrodisiacs are age-old remedies that allow us to heal our hearts and open ourselves more fully to others and the world around us. They are used as keys to unlock deeper passion, intimacy, and pleasure. In a practical sense, these herbs can bring healing to our bodies and increase our life force. In spiritual and emotional ways, they can help us find release from past traumas, stoke our self confidence, and increase our lust for life. 

Aphrodisiacs can be used to help reignite passion in a long-term relationship, or enhance an existing flame in many ways. But aphrodisiacs are not just for couples. These special botanicals can be used to deepen self love, heal the body and emotions, and access your wellspring of vitality, regardless of your relationship status. 

There are many great ways you can easily incorporate aphrodisiacs into your life: incense, essential oils, body creams, sensual foods, herbal tonics, massage oils, floral baths... 

And that’s exactly what the new book, Aphrodisiacs, written by my friend Kimberley Gallagher from Learning Herbs, is all about. 

In this unique and powerful book, Kimberly will show you how to use 13 different healing aphrodisiac herbs — along with dozens of recipes for aphrodisiac treats and body products — to cultivate and amplify the flow of erotic source energy to fuel your vitality, ignite your creativity, and heighten your sexual fulfillment.

In addition to rich information on herbal aphrodisiacs, Kimberley’s book includes some inspiring and heart-opening ways to enhance intimacy and build resilient, vibrant relationships. Throughout this journey, she offers gentle exercises, reflections, and herbal recipes so that we can embody the wisdom of Aphrodisiac.

Order Aphrodisiac by April 12 and receive a few great bonuses: exclusive access to Kimberly's Aphrodisiac book club (which includes 4 weekly livestreams with Kimberley), an additional Aphrodisiac recipe guide, and a walk through video guide on making her "Love Your Body Lotion" recipe.

Article written by Melissa Szaro

& Evan Sylliaasen

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