5 Must-Know Tips for Sourcing Quality, High-grade Essential Oils and Aromatics

With so many choices in today’s essential oil and fragrance markets, a lot of people have a hard time finding reputable sources and the highest quality materials. With a lack of transparency and proper product information from many essential oil companies, consumers are often left in the dark about the true quality of oil they’re getting. To make matters worse, the term “therapeutic grade” no longer holds any true meaning as essential oil companies have misused it to the point that the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and other organizations have discredited its use.

Most companies simply don’t offer proper information on the many factors of quality their customers should be informed of when purchasing botanical medicines for healing and therapeutic purposes. To make things more complicated, a flood of synthetic, conventional, and “natural” essential oil products on today’s market also make it tricky to navigate to the cleanest and purest products.

For many people, whether they’ve been working with aromatics for years or are just starting out on their fragrant path, tracking down the best sources for clean aromatic medicine can seem daunting. There’s certainly a lot to take into account when shopping for a new source or botanical product, but don’t be discouraged!

I’d like to help clear the fog and show you exactly what to look out for so you can purchase essential oils and aromatics with confidence and clarity. If you’re using essential oils for their therapeutic properties, pay close attention because this is your health, or the health of your family or clients we’re talking about here. You want to be equipped with the proper knowledge that will help you know a pure and clean medicine from a knock off, imposter, or even potentially harmful substance. Once you’re armed with the information I’ll lay out for you here in this video, you’ll feel much more solid the next time you shop for your aromatic medicines.

In this video I share with you my Top 5 Tips for sourcing essential oils and herbal products. These are things I always look out for whenever I track down a new source of essential oils or raw plant materials for my company Higher Mind Incense. Though the term “therapeutic grade” doesn’t mean much these days in the essential oil industry, the term “therapeutic quality” can still mean a lot to those of us who use the oils: the consumers, home practitioners, and aromatherapists.

There’s many factors we should always be aware of when tracking down a new source that can tell us if a products is fit for therapeutic use in our eyes or not. It all comes down to learning how to ask the right questions and do your detective work. From cultivation of aromatic plants, all the way to the bottle, this video will definitely help you feel more confident the next time you purchase botanicals.

Article by Evan Sylliaasen

Evan Sylliaasen is the founder of the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine and Higher Mind Incense. For the past decade his incense company has been a leader in sustainability and conscious sourcing of aromatic plants. As the head instructor of his online school, he teaches aromatherapists, incense lovers, herbalists, and spiritually-minded folks the traditional art of incense crafting, incense as medicine, and the art of wild-harvesting aromatic plants responsibly.

Evan lives with his family in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. He channels his creative passions through writing, photography, wood working, craftsman building, and music. When he’s not working, he’s out in the garden, forest and fields, walking along rivers, beaches, or in the mountains breathing deeply. 

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